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Attracting Quality Tenants in Long Beach's Competitive Market

Updated: May 21

The Long Beach real estate market is a crowded place. It is thriving and the statistic for January 2024 says that Long Beach home prices were up 10.3% in comparison to 2023. Once they hit the market, homes are sold for a median of 44 days in comparison to last year’s 51 days. The Long Beach Houses get two offers on average while the median sale price is $800,000. On the other hand, renting a home in Long Beach can be a challenge. There are around 170,000 occupied housing units, of which around 101,000 are renter-occupied.

The big number implies that Long Beach property management companies need to think of ways how to attract quality tenants so they can secure long-term success and profitability. High-quality tenants are important for the monthly income of the property owner as they will rent for longer periods, take care of the property as their own, and create a positive environment and atmosphere for living. 

To get high-quality tenants, Long Beach property managers should spend some time, money, and resources to find these tenants, attract them, and offer them the perfect conditions to get them to sign the lease. Here are some tips on how property management Long Beach companies can act to attract superior tenants. 

Professional Advertising and Showcasing the Rental Property

Let’s start with the importance of advertisements. Yes, it is usually the last step of attracting high-quality tenants, once everything else has been taken care of.  However, for potential tenants to see the beauty of the rental place, first they need to know of it. Advertisements are the right way to put the property in front of their eyes. Since Long Beach is already thriving with lots of properties for renting, investing in good ads is crucial to stand out from the competition.  

You need to showcase the excellent condition of the unit and boast the amenities, show how functional and organized everything is, and let the potential tenants envision their lives there. Strategic ads will enable property managers in Long Beach to ensure that the rental property is visible and appreciated and will attract high-quality tenants.

Property Maintenace

Nothing is more off-putting than a property that is not maintained properly and offers poor conditions for living. High-quality tenants will look for aesthetically appealing properties that will resemble their lifestyles. So, what you need to do as an apartment property manager in Long Beach is update both the interior and the exterior of the property. Consider updating fixtures, adding a fresh coat of paint, and keeping everything clean and neat. The curb appeal is also very important - let the first impression of the rental property immediately capture the attention of the potential tenants and leave them intrigued to know what’s inside.   

Set Competetive Prices

Stand out from the competition by setting a competitive price for the property you are renting. Too high prices will deter potential tenants while underpricing might give off “unpopular” vibes. With lower prices, the potential tenants might wonder what is wrong with the place and whether some unresolved issues will come to the surface only after they sign the lease. Therefore, research the current market well and add competitive prices.

Be Transparent, Flexible, and Open to Communication

Fostering a positive relationship between the potential tenants and you is a good step towards attracting high-quality tenants. To establish strong communication be responsive, answer any questions that the potential tenants might have, talk openly and honestly about the pros and cons of the neighborhood, and explain all safety and security measures taken for the property you are managing. Plus, talk about the flexibility options they have if they decide to rent the place. Such flexibility options include shorter-lease term options and offering them the freedom to customize the leased space as they deem fit. 

Extensive Tenant Screening Process

Last, but not least is the tenant screening process that will help you find and attract high-quality tenants and stay away from problematic tenants. If you dive deep into their backgrounds you will be able to single out those who are ready to rent long-term which will, in turn, reduce the vacancy rates. Such a process includes:

  • Credit card checks

  • Employment verification

  • References from previous landlords


In summary, attracting top-notch tenants in Long Beach's competitive real estate market is crucial for success. By prioritizing professional advertising, maintaining properties well, setting competitive prices, communicating transparently, and conducting thorough tenant screenings, property managers can secure dependable, long-term renters. These strategies not only attract tenants but also foster positive living environments and profitable rental businesses amidst fierce competition on the market.


What are the benefits of professional advertising for rental properties in Long Beach?

Professional advertising helps rental properties stand out in a competitive market by showcasing their features effectively, which attracts more potential tenants and increases visibility.

How can property maintenance impact tenant attraction in Long Beach?

Property maintenance ensures that rental units are well-kept and functional, appealing to quality tenants who prioritize living in a clean and comfortable environment, thus making the property more attractive overall.

Why is transparent communication important in tenant management in Long Beach?

Transparent communication fosters trust between property managers and potential tenants by providing clear information about the property, lease terms, and neighborhood, which helps tenants make informed decisions about renting.

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