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The Guide to Avoiding Long Vacancies in Your Rental Unit

This is a comprehensive guide on how to fill your rental unit quickly and keep it occupied with tenants for an extended period of time. It explains the fundamentals of rental marketing and tenant screening, as well as tactics for successfully marketing your rental and tenant screening processes that will help ensure you find a suitable and qualified tenant who will stay for an extended period.

Research the area properly

The most important thing that rental property owners can do is to thoroughly research the local rental housing market in the area they intend to rent the property in. Knowing the local rental housing market – such as average rental rates, amenities offered by other properties, and what kind of demand there is for rentals – is essential in understanding what kind of rate to set and what kind of features to offer in order to attract potential tenants.

Set up a realistic rental price

You should consider the cost of maintaining your rental property and the area and market in which it is located, taking into account the average rent prices in the area and what the local economy can handle. This will allow you to set a realistic price that is both attractive to potential tenants and profitable for you as the owner.

Efficient marketing plan

The next step is creating a marketing plan to target the right type of tenant. This can include a combination of online and offline advertising and promotion, such as listing your rental on real estate websites and promoting your rental in local newspapers and magazines. You may also find success in using social media to connect with potential tenants, using networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with potential tenants and promote your rental.

Owners should advertise their rental property as much as possible. It is also essential to include all relevant information about the rental property, such as location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and the rent price. Providing potential renters with a full description of the rental property and its characteristics can be beneficial in attracting renters quickly.

Offer good interactions

Experience and good customer service also play a large role in keeping units filled. Open and clear communication with applicants and current tenants can help foster relationships and provide a sense of security. Staying organized and using a thorough screening process is key to ensuring that you’re selecting someone who will be able to pay the rent on time, maintain the property and be a good tenant. This includes checking credit, income and rental history and verifying employment.

Good condition

A well-maintained and comfortable home is more attractive to tenants, so they’re willing to pay more for it. Furthermore, a rental property in a poor state can result in more repair requests, which can be costly and delay the rental process. Keeping up with regular maintenance and investing in minor updates, such as new appliances and fixtures, can go a long way in enticing those who are looking for a comfortable, well-maintained unit.

Be flexible

Being willing to negotiate on rental terms, being open to a variety of payment methods, and understanding the needs and wants of the prospective tenant can help rental owners find a tenant quickly and more easily.

Tenant screening

Don’t forget to conduct thorough tenant screening to make sure you are selecting the right tenants for your rental. This includes checking their credit and background for potential red flags, such as criminal records or a history of non-payment. You should also ask for references from any current or past landlord and make sure that the tenants have the necessary documentation, such as proof of income, to prove that they are able to take on the rental.


This guide is designed to help rental owners find tenants quickly and keep them in their rental units for extended periods of time. By setting a realistic price, creating a marketing plan, and performing thorough tenant screening, rental owners can find both qualified and committed to staying in their rental units for an extended period. By following these tips, rental owners can make sure their rental units are always full, and they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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